You’ve Always Wondered: Why ENG 4U Should be Required for Entry Into All University Programs

The Importance of English Class

Having the opportunity to learn about literature, and all of the fundamentals of a language is something that is very important in education in Canada. In fact, without achieving grade 12 university level english, an acceptance into a university program is close to impossible. In this day and age, I do agree that university english should be required for all those wishing to attend university, whether it be an arts program, math or science. English… it’s essentially the basis of all subjects, it shows us culture, and it gives us the ability to understand what others say and why they say it.

Being somebody who loves to read, I couldn’t have imagined how difficult it would have been to understand a novel, or gain any comprehension, without any background in english. Of course your parents can teach you some things – your ABC’s, and simple reading – but there’s a point where being in a classroom with a designated english teacher and classmates becomes very valuable in my mind. For the purpose of reading comprehension and writing skills, I think that completing university level high school english is important in order to thrive in a university environment because of the amount of independent reading and comprehension that must be done.

English is a very widely used language, in fact about two billion people worldwide use english to communicate with one another. English is also the official language of Canada and therefore is valued by many job offerings and is an important skill set to have in society. Having the ability to communicate with upwards of two billion people across the world is, in my opinion, a very important thing for a university student. It allows students to reach out and use their knowledge to help themselves communicate, make friends, and even explore other cultures. When this is taught in high school, it proves that one will carry it with them throughout post-secondary and hopefully utilize these skills very much in their career.

Learning any language, not just english, sprouts a cultural awareness and cultivates an understanding of how humans communicate and live with one another. A quote by famous philanthropist, Nelson Mandela, states:

Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs

Quite enthusiastically, I think that another reason why people must embark in university english during high school in order to thrive in university programs, is because they must practice being challenged. University itself is a very challenging place; it moves fast, the work is difficult, and english is very much at the centre of every course that one will take. That is why I believe that english is so important to a grade 12’s brain… that which belongs to a hopeful university student.



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