Planning My Portfolio

The four types of media I have chosen to use to express my thesis for The Book of Negroes are persuasive essay, blog post, concept map and remix.

Thesis – With his novel, The Book of Negroes, Lawrence Hill teaches the reader that the most intelligent character, who keeps the most silence and dignity during her fight against oppression, can also be the character who perseveres, becomes a leader, and stands tall in a time when she is expected to stay small.


Doing the remix, I feel, is a bit daunting because it will take a lot of time and effort. I am going to attempt to make a remix of different texts by cutting out words and phrases and rearranging them on the page. Hopefully I will be able to find words that will support my thesis and create effective sentences. I think that this will be an effective piece in contribution to proving my thesis because if I write the remix as a journal entry from the point of view of Aminata, a silent, yet intelligent and dignified character, it will show just how much she stands out compared to others because of her literacy skills.

Concept map:

I think this will be a god choice in communicating my ideas about my book because it is a map to organize the importance of ideas and will hep me to figure out strong evidence. I am going to draw it on a piece of large paper and then scan it into a picture.

Blog post:

I have chosen to write a blog post to support my thesis because I feel t will allow my to incorporate things like pictures, links, and videos. When doing this, it adds extra layers to what you are proving. I also enjoy writing blog posts because they have an informal tone and this brings another perspective about the point you are making.

Persuasive essay:

I have chosen to write a persuasive essay because I feel it will really help me prove my thesis to my writer and I will get to explore using different modes of persuasion. I hope to really persuade the reader to adopt my idea and I feel as though practicing to do so using logic/reason, emotion and appeal to authority, will help me to develop great arguments and methods of persuasion in the future.

Course Reflection

Throughout this course, I have learned many new techniques in creating different media texts that will hopefully help me in university and in future high school classes. I had never created a blog post before this course and I think I really developed my skills in doing so. It’s a very different and interesting way of conveying ideas and I think it taught me how to let go of my formal style to create something informal and conversational. A challenge during this course that I found maybe held back the full extent of some of my projects was keeping up with the fast time frame. This course taught me, not only how to create different texts, but it taught me how to manage my time and work effectively.


One Comment

  1. Hi Laura. I completely agree with the challenge you had during this course but from what I can see your doing well! The only advice I can say to you is to grind this next day and don’t hold back as it is a 30% culminating. Keep going were almost there!



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